Medicine Bags

The making of the bags came to me during a time of deep transformation and vulnerability. I needed to make and wear one for my own healing and practice. Then I began making one for a dear friend who was also going through a deep transformation and letting go. Since then, I have continued to make them and feel the need to commit to making them.

Each bag is incredibly custom to each individual receiving the bag. From the medicinal plants I place in the bags, to the stones and crystals and feathers and design of the bag itself. Also the card that comes with the bag includes a clairvoyant personal reading as well as a description of the healing properties of the bag itself. I bless them with the beat of my horse medicine drum, infuse them with reiki energy, and smudge them within the medicine wheel I built myself along with my sweet Aunt Annee White Eagle who is a shamanic teacher and powerful clairvoyant healer. 

Making these bags has been an incredible journey thus far. There are moments where the bags seemingly make themselves and I am only a conduit for the healing, only the maker and the bag the healer. They feel to me like individual entities with a plan and purpose. They have also brought some lovely conversation, storytelling and loving people into my life. It is a journey I look forward to continuing.

My ancestors carried medicine bags for healing purposes and were either carried or given to others in need of good health and healing. There are many traditional types of medicinal bags, baskets, and even scrolls rich within our worlds history. The purpose of these bags for myself is to hear the call to make the bags, follow my ancestral voice and pass these bags to others with love and blessings in hopes to share some light. Out of respect for the Native tribes either nearest and dear to me or distant from me, I will not say these are Native American made. I will say rather that they are made from my deepest and ancestral self. I have been fortunate in this lifetime to relearn many sacred traditions and continue to practice them while I research deeply in to a culture with a history that was taken and rewritten. I learn most from the wisdom of nature itself.  

I do have a handful of bags made and ready at the Lotus Mountain Retreat at Bolton, Vermont as well as the Deep Well Apothecary in Hardwick, Vermont. Both truly healing places.

Read more details on the process of making the bags in a recent article published in Nabalo Magazine HERE.

Access the full free download of the magazine HERE.

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  • Today I got to see first hand this beautiful women's talent. All our hearts could use one of her handmade medicine pouches These medicine bags are sooooo healing- everything about them and her rituals are empowering and awaken you from within. What a gift I was given this morning . Thank you Diana for your gift and your friendship 😘 come on friends- join the journey! - BG
  • Diana, thank you so much for sharing your spirit and for what you do to help others on their journey. ♡ RM
  • Diana, it has taken me a few days to even respond to your tremendous act of pure kindness. To say I was blown away is an understatement. Thank you- you have no idea how much your words, let alone your medicine bag, meant to me. How did you know what I am going through? One thing that gives meaning to life is a beautiful and caring act from another human- so thank you from the bottom of my heart! - S
  • Diana, I received the bag today and I wanted to send you a quick note of thanks. I am so excited to feel and see how these things help me continue my journey both to heal and be healed. Thank you for seeing the nuances of my path and for being one of my guides through your work. Plus the hide of my bag is so wonderfully soft. I can't stop touching it. I appreciate you and the healing energy you brought into my home and life today.  -J